Copertina di Gender Discrimination
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Gender Discrimination

The English Classrooms

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (04.11.2011 )

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Teenage students are mostly alert of the changes of their bodies. They are sexually aware of the differences between boys and girls physically and mentally and the different reactions they get form English language teachers regarding their achievement and discipline in class. Boys, for instance, believe that they receive more punishments about discipline problems while girls are always the models in class, for they are always quiet and follow all the teachers’ roles. On the other hand, teachers consider girls intelligent where it comes to reading, writing, and comprehension while boys are better in grammar, which follows rules; this is why girls get more questions and lower grades in grammar while boys get more inquiries and worse scores in comprehension. Observations of four teachers in schools were conducted to show how boys and girls are treated differently. Then questionnaires were distributed to those teachers and one hundred students to compare the results with what was observed. The result of the study indicated that nearly all lecturers are not alert about the gender bias that is in their classroom and students are facing the problem of uneven treatment from the teachers.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Hiba Hariz
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Metodi della ricerca sociale empirica e quantitativa
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gender and language

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