Copertina di Game Boys for Play Girls! Volume 2
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Game Boys for Play Girls! Volume 2

Games, Girls, Japan – a cultural exploration of gender and video games as a tool for youth cultures and creative careers in the West and in Japan

Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften (12.03.2009 )

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The impact of the video game on girlhoods and both Western and Japanese pop culture is scrutinised in this comprehensive exploration of gender and games. This analysis provides an in-depth insight into the presumed differences between girls' and boys' interests, the obstacles that continue to constrain girls' leisure and the video game's role in our popular culture. Gaming is a catalyst for creative energies, encompassing all manner of DIY expressions. Player-created content has always been an important element of gaming. But now, heralded by marketing campaigns, video games are striving to become the new "mainstream" entertainment – including female gamers! For girls, this could serve as a useful entry point into a creative career in this very industry, as playing games very often leads to the wish to create them. The questions discussed are of crucial importance for researchers and game creators alike: how can girls make use of a game's creative potential in order to discover new leisure opportunities, identities, and careers? How can the game world gain access to the female creativity needed to finally turn the game into the universal media phenomenon of our times?
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Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften
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Barbara Lippe
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Gender, girls, video game, Computer Game, Japan, pop culture, cultural studies, youth culture, Game Design, character design, Leisure, Nintendo, Lara Croft, Cultural History, social networking, girlhood, girlpower, online games, Console, Manga, Anime, Interview, focus group, career, game industry, Computerspiele, Videospiele, Mädchen, Spiel, computer game, game design, leisure, cultural history, console, cultural studies, youth culture, social networking, manga, anime, interview

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