Copertina di Fuzzy modeling for diagnosis of soft skills in Engineering
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Fuzzy modeling for diagnosis of soft skills in Engineering

analysis in the training of engineers

Our Knowledge Publishing (13.10.2021 )

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It explains the development of a model based on fuzzy logic that performs multicriteria analysis to aid decision making, aiming at diagnosing soft skills in engineering education. This scientific instrument was developed with the fuzzyTECH software, which supported the calculations necessary for the results. The top-down tree-type hierarchical structure was designed from a systematic literature review, which searched the Web of Science, Science Direct, Scopus and EJEE databases, over 15 years, combining keywords from two main branches: Engineering and Humanities. A total of 3951 articles were obtained, which were ranked by the scientific ranking algorithm indexOrdinatio, which takes into account the year the article was searched, the year of publication, the number of citations in Google Schoolar and the JCR of each journal. In the end, 64 articles were critically analyzed to capture the most important soft skills for engineers used in the composition of the modeling. This robust tool has been validated and shown to have the characteristics of reliability, equivalence, stability, validity and consistency.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Débora Barni de Campos, Luis Mauricio Martins de Resende, Alexandre Borges Fagundes
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Istruzione, professione, mestieri, carriera
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Fuzzy logic, Fuzzytech, systematic literature review, indexOrdinatio, Soft skills for Engineering.

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