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Facile Engineered nano Zinc titanate:

its spectroscopic properties for multifunctional applications

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (05.11.2018 )

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Nanophosphor materials are being extensively investigated in last few decades due to potential applications in various types of displays such as plasma display panels, field emission displays. Conventional phosphors used in fluorescent lamps are not ideal for solid state lighting because they have poor absorption for the light emitting diodes (LED). Quantum dots exhibit narrow absorption and emission with a small Stoke shift. This behavior makes them useful in light management like upconversion and downconversion. Now a days, laboratory synthesized nanostructured materials have attracted the research community a lot and the materials not only motivated by the basic science aspects but also by the expectation that novel properties will lead to new technological applications. Nanostructures have been recognized as an important physical system in view of the remarkable alteration of the bulk properties such as structural, magnetic, optical, dielectric, thermal, etc., due to surface and quantum confinement effects. The potential applications of these quantum-confined atoms in the realm of nanotechnology field are expected to dominate the materials development.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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K.M Girish, S. C Prashantha, Ramachandra Naik
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Chimica fisica
54,90 €
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nano Zinc, Nanomaterials, powder X-ray diffraction, PL, Photocatalyst Cv

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