Copertina di Experimental study on Jatropha Oil with three degrees of Insulation
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Experimental study on Jatropha Oil with three degrees of Insulation

Experimental Investigations on Jatropha oil with different degrees of insulation

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (04.05.2018 )

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Alternate fuel research has been the topic of the highest priority in the context of depletion of fossil fuels at alarming rate and increasing of pollution levels of the engines with conventional fuels. The high consumption of diesel fuel in not only in agriculture sector but also in transport sector compels for the substitution of diesel fuel with suitable, renewable energy resources. Alcohols and vegetable oils are the important substitutes for diesel fuel as they are renewable in nature. Most of the alcohol produced in India is diverted for Petro–chemical industries. The disadvantages of vegetable oils of low volatility and high viscosity call for low heat rejection (LHR) combustion chamber, with its significant characteristics of higher operating temperature, maximum heat release, higher brake thermal efficiency and ability to handle the lower calorific value fuel. About 30% of the heat energy supplied to the engine is being rejected and hence all efforts of the researcher turned towards reducing the heat rejection to the coolant and keep the combustion chamber hot which is suitable for burning renewable fuels like vegetable oils quite effectively.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Janardhan Narambhatla
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74,90 €
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Conservation of diesel, conventional engine, LHR combustion chambers(LHR: Low Heat Rejection Combusion chambers, LHR1, LHR2 and LHR3)

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