Copertina di Evaluating System Dynamics as a Tool for Teaching History
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Evaluating System Dynamics as a Tool for Teaching History

An Experimental Research in the Classroom

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (04.09.2008 )

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History has been traditionally taught as a presentation of isolated facts, which are hardly related by students. Students are seldom encouraged to transfer what they learn at school to interpret different happenings over time. Thus, they lack understanding of history’s relevance. The conventional history teaching method appears to be unlikely to prepare students to face the challenges of modern society. An improvement in the teaching method is then required. The System Dynamics (SD) approach seems to be an attractive method to teach history mainly because relationships between different events that made history unfold can be clearly described through the SD approach. SD may be, then, useful for students to understand why and how history happened. Furthermore, when such understanding is based on SD generic structures, similar historical phenomena can be understood too. Thus, history is seen as a subject that crosses time and is related to different issues along human conditions. Important assessment of SD as a tool to teach history is the main contribution of this book, which is worth to be considered as a building block in the construction of a history curriculum based on SD.
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VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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Cruz Barrientos Margarita María
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49,00 €
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Conventional education, Learning, behavior over time, structure, System Dynamics, Understanding, Performance, Revolutions

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