Copertina di Egypt and the Islamic Conquest "Its Reasons and Stages"
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Egypt and the Islamic Conquest "Its Reasons and Stages"

19 AH / 640 AD

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (03.11.2020 )

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Egypt is an ancient country, found long ago, dated to it and known as the prehistoric era, and it is truly the oldest country on earth at all, and its history extends since ancient times, historical known and unknown, and since its existence, and throughout its history, has been passing through various successive and successive events. Between occupation and freedom, or independence and dependency, until the time period known historically to the Islamic era, to witness Egypt in this distinguished period of historical events a lot And much that changed the course of events in it, and in the forefront of these events was the Arab Islamic conquest of it, and Egypt annexed the Roman “Byzantine” state to the scope of the young state of Islam, which established in the Arabian Peninsula, and expanded to include Iraq and Persia, the heritage of the Persian civilization, and included the Levant And behind it came the state of Egypt, the heritage of the ancient Roman civilization. On the authority of Egypt in the Islamic eras, this Islamic state is a “land” with the beginnings of the Islamic conquest, which has just emerged from the subordination of Roman Byzantine rule.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Eman Moustafa Abdel Azim, Tarek Abo Elwafa Mohamed
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39,90 €
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the Islamic Conquest, Egypt, the Islamic era, Arabian Peninsula

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