Copertina di Education and Human Rights
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Education and Human Rights

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (20.11.2018 )

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We think, that all educational institutions and other non-parliamentary organizations aspire in a tolerant way in their education to create a peaceful world. They should set as their main task the goal to offer an educational concept to awaken at the same time love of man and nature and convince the students of the benefits of a democratic society and make them capable to support and defend democracy. The thinking rational man is a unique being who can form diversities in his lifestyle. When man acknowledges reality and advocates that every person in the world has an unconditional right to a humane life, he will give man his freedom. Charles Evans Hughes says, "If we lose our right to be different we also lose our right to be free." To accept this reality will free mankind from the cruelties of war which were led to this day because they were affected by prejudice and injustice, and also from the suffering caused by people only perceiving the differences in their fellow man, and give us freedom. We are supposed respect humans because of their humanity.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Nevide Akpınar Dellal, Witold Stankowski
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Pedagogia sociale, assistenza sociale
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Education and Human Rights, the protection of human rights, Democracy

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