Copertina di Declarations of I.O and NGOs in Conflict Reolution in DRC
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Declarations of I.O and NGOs in Conflict Reolution in DRC

Declarations of International Organisations and Recommendations of NGOs in Resolving Conflicts of North Kivu,DR.Congo

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (30.10.2012 )

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This book is dedicated to all people implicated in conflict resolution in the World. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a country that has attracted the eyes of the whole world because of many reasons( Rich country in terms of Natural ressources, Political instability, Human Rights abuse...) Throughout our academic career and to realize the final International Relations Final Project, we strongly thank those who have contributed to our university education. Thus, without finding the words thank our creator, God Almighty, the creator of the earth and the universe to protect, guide, support and bless us all. We extend our gratitude to the persons respectively: Our dear birth mother Pascasie NTABANYERE at IKO in the province of South Kivu, our beloved adoptive mother REBECCA JASPER, Becky by her own free will supported our education and thanks to her entire family, SCOTT SEIBERT, all who are located in the United States of America. To the Profession Body of the University of Goma and especially the Department of the International Relations.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Appolinaire Zagabe Kamanyula
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Teorie politiche e la storia delle idee politiche
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Declarations, Conflict Resolutions

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