Copertina di Clinical Supervision: Effects and Implications
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Clinical Supervision: Effects and Implications

Effects and Implications of Clinical Supervision for Teacher Development and Student Achievement

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (04.01.2012 )

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The purpose of the book is to explore the effectiveness of clinical supervision in teacher development and student achievement at a university level. The study attempts to find answers to the following basic questions: Will the clinical supervision process, in any way, affect the teachers' instruction in the classroom? If so, to what extent? Is the change in the instructional behaviors of teachers performance-based or competence-based? Will the amount of change in instruction of experienced teachers differ from that of the novice? Will the positive change in the teaching behaviors of the teachers in the experimental group be reflected on the success rate of the students? If so, how significant will be the success? The study adopts a descriptive and quasi-experimental approach, and the research design integrates longitudinal and cross-sectional samples. The overall conclusion of the present study is that clinical supervision has been very effective in improving teachers' instruction in various ways. The notable finding is that the improvement in the instructions of teachers has been reflected positively on the success ratio of their students to a significant extent.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Turan Paker
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68,00 €
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Supervision of Teachers, Teacher Training, in-service teacher education, clinical supervision, In-service teacher training, teacher education teacher empowerment

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