Copertina di Beyond the Wall
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Beyond the Wall

A Dystopia

JustFiction Edition (02.12.2011 )

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In the distant future, a single city encompasses the entire planet. This gigantic metropolis is ruled by the Mother Sun Goddess Dhirya. Life for the inhabitants of the city is divine, but the same cannot be said for those who dwell among the refuse beyond the wall. These vagabonds scrape together a living in the wasteland, ever surrounded by the imposing wall protecting the city. Casey has spent all of her short life living under the menacing shadow of the wall. Her entire being is focused on a single thought: the destruction of her oppressors. Her life will be forever altered when another outcast approaches her with an interesting offer. Briar wants her to accompany him on a mission into the city itself, so that they can tear down the regime from within. Even though this plan goes against every fiber of her being, she is compelled to agree. City life is more than awkward at first, but she finds herself quickly infiltrating the inner sanctum, making both allies and enemies along the way. The time will come where Casey must place everyone's life on the line for a single chance at freedom.
Casa editrice:
JustFiction Edition
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Da (autore):
Marissa Priest
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Fantascienza, Fantasy
17,11 £
Parole chiave:
dystopia, Thriller, Science Fiction, Fiction, novel

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