Copertina di Anthology of a peaceful youth in the face of extremist turbulence
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Anthology of a peaceful youth in the face of extremist turbulence

Birth of violence due to extremist ideologies and violence leading to the shock of terrorism

Our Knowledge Publishing (24.11.2021 )

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This book summarizes the genesis of the problem of violence in Chad, which has escalated in other forms to become terrorism in the Sahel. From August 11, 1960, the date of Chad's independence until 1978, young Chadians lived in harmony. And this union was illustrated in the cosmopolitan population by the bonds of marriage, and friendly relations. Not content with the management of the country, the emerging geopolitics was the work of certain politicians from the north who manifested themselves through an ideology that unfortunately undermined social cohesion. In 1979, the civil war that broke out in N'Djamena sowed gangrene among the young people who were not expecting it. The country was divided in two as a Christian south and a Muslim north. And this division weakened the country at all levels of development. Having understood the ambition of the politicians who only sought to satisfy their thirst for power, the young people sought by all means to unite through sports, culture and other organizations. In the face of these efforts, new forms of violence have appeared in the lives of young people who, unwillingly, have become terrorists.
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Our Knowledge Publishing
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Boyde Clément Degoto
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219,05 R$
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D, B, C

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