Copertina di An overview of Botanicals for Hair Care: 1(Dandruff and lice)
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An overview of Botanicals for Hair Care: 1(Dandruff and lice)

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (27.03.2013 )

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Beautiful hair has been trendy in every age. The face of person is a unique own individuality in which hair play a noteworthy role in both sexes. It is eminent that hair care is the most essential part of good grooming.Dandruff, graying of hair and head lice is common problem of hair. Dandruff is problem which is over-exploited by hair care market industry. In this day and age people spend more money about 20 times in comparison to last decade to buy products like shampoos, lotion, conditioner, hair oil etc. But complete cure is lacking even today. Manufacturers firms are not only advertising magic herbs but also dreams. The fact about herbal products quality and safety over synthetic is globally accepted. Is every cosmetic product as calming wonderful effect is to be true? Keep this is in view, the present book “An overview of Botanicals for hair care: 1 (dandruff and Lice)” is written and designed to communicating the appropriate knowledge with critical study by 15 tables and 14 figures .This book will be serving as hand book for new researchers, teachers, students, cosmetic industry working on hair care. This book is intended for everyone with an interest in herbal hair care.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Amit Kumar Tiwari
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64,90 €
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synthetic, Botanicals, Hair Care, Dandruff, Lice, Malassezia

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