Copertina di Alternative Truth: Re-reading History in H.Sakakini's Jerusalem & I
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Alternative Truth: Re-reading History in H.Sakakini's Jerusalem & I

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (13.02.2019 )

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Jerusalem & I (1990) by Hala Sakakini (1924-2003) is a personal record of her life as experienced and lived in Jerusalem. It is Sakakini’s re-reading of the history of Jerusalem prior to 1948 through her personal recollections that she uses as a strategy for resistance. Sakakini is a representation of a woman as a national subject developing a nationalist consciousness within the general flow of nationalism. This study attempts to explore the ‘alternative truth’ as rendered by Sakakini. This ‘alternative truth’ dismantles mainstream history written by the powerful. Palestinian women’s self-narratives disentangle a number of correlated topics that convey an exploratory outline for approaching the topic of this study. Her narrative is a lens through which reality is seen. What Sakakini is delivering to her readers is different from political formal history. It is oral history where she ponders to offer a socio-historical analysis and an ethnographic and geographic map of the land and the people, rendering another version of history, which subverts mainstream narrative. Sakakini’s quest is a quest for a lost place not a personal gendered quest.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Nehal El-Naggar
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39,90 €
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History from below, alternative truth, jerusalem, resistance, nationalism, memory, autobiography

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