Copertina di A Study Of Major Concepts In Mathematics At Secondary Level. Volume-1
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A Study Of Major Concepts In Mathematics At Secondary Level. Volume-1

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (14.12.2013 )

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As we pass through this age of science and technology, the importance of mathematics as the backbone behind it continues to become more and more evident. It goes without saying, then, that the eager young minds should be taught nuances of mathematics with utmost care and attention. However, the inherent abstraction in mathematical notions often pose a certain difficulty in imparting this education to school children. The author has endeavored his best to identify the commonest problems and the consequent errors-prevalent in the content organization and presentation of mathematical curricula all over the world. To remedy this situation, he offers various methods-i.e. text book scanning, task analyzing, comparative studies of diverse syllabi etc. that should help better sequence the different major concepts and sub-concepts needed throughout school mathematics. The author earnestly hopes that this treaties benefits those keeping whom in mind it was written: viz., interested students, teachers, academicians, educationists, researchers, policy makers involved with mathematics and mathematical education anywhere.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Samsul Alam Sk.
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98,65 $
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Basic mathematical concept, major concept, elementary concept, text book scanning process, task analysis technique, concept identification, sequenced concept in school mathematics, syllabus framing, fisher's z-transformation, Diagnostic test

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