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3D Reconstruction

Real-time Volumetric Scene Reconstruction from Multiple Views

AV Akademikerverlag (07.05.2012 )

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Revision with unchanged content. Our environment is more and more shaped by the influence of digital media which itself evolves at tremendous pace. A small example: 15 years ago, off-the-shelf computers were only able to cope with flat 2D graphics. Im­provements in system design made it possible to process 3D scenes, leading to a powerful contribution to our everyday life. However, such scenes need to be created by experienced artists employing difficult and expensive tools. The increasing demand for realism makes things not easier. At the same time, the rapid improvement of commodity hardware enables the development of low cost systems for 3D photography. How can systems for volumetric scene re­construction be efficiently designed? How may high quality be combined with real-time processing? And how is it possible to create a lightweight architecture using a single computer? After presenting an introductory over­view and sketching a novel approach to scene reconstruction, the author gives a survey of related work in high-performance re­construction by shape from silhouette and shape from photo-consistency. To convey a profound understanding to the reader he explains the fundamentals of scene and camera geometry, image formation, light and color as well as 3D reconstruction from multiple views.
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AV Akademikerverlag
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Christian Nitschke
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Generico, lessici
59,00 €
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3D reconstruction, Image Processing, Computer Vision, computer graphics, 3D modelling, Multiple View Geometry, Shape from Silhouette, Shape from Photo-Consistency, Free Viewpoint 3D Video, GPU Acceleration

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