Couverture de Tourism and second houses in rural regions of Iran:situations, problems
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Tourism and second houses in rural regions of Iran:situations, problems

With a viewpoint toward Indigenous Knowledge (IK) on vernacular architecture and climate comfort in Iranian traditions

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (17-08-2017 )

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Rural tourism can make full use of tourism resources in rural areas to adjust and optimize rural industrial structures, extend the agricultural industrial chain, develop rural tourism services, promote nonagricultural employment, increase the incomes of farmers, and create a better economic base for the new rural construction. Some consider second home development as a result of fundamental changes in industrial societies that led to higher incomes, fewer working hours and longer leisure times. It is recognized that the growth of the tourism industry is critical for the sustainable development of the Iranian economy. This is particularly true in the rural areas where employment opportunities are reducing and traditional employment levels in agriculture are in decline. While seeking to ensure that most tourism developments with associated accommodation facilities are located in or close to towns or villages or on tourism zoned lands. Rural areas have long been seen and used as appropriate locations for recreation and tourism activities. However,the restructuring of rural areas and population loss from many areas has meant that tourism as also assumed greater economic and employment.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Farhood Golmohammadi
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Ville-, Superficie et planification de paysage
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development, Effects, Iran., Rural, sustainable, Tourism, second houses

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