Couverture de The tithe; the sin of Balaam, in the contemporary Church Apostasiated
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The tithe; the sin of Balaam, in the contemporary Church Apostasiated

Blessed Hope Publishing (12-02-2021 )

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While true Christians are preparing to face the worst persecution in holy history, by the "666" which will soon condition every man in the world, - Our finances like the dimes, should they be engaged to gain us the sky? - Could the poor Christ whose kingdom is not here on earth approve of these ministers of worship disguised as lambs, but whose shameless voracity unscrupulously robs the finances of their flock? Today the flowering of for-profit churches, characteristic of the false prophet Balaam stopped by a donkey, is exhibited by non-Christians. They are stunned, and unmask this greed by a name of modern finance: (PMES); Small and Medium Spiritual Enterprises. Can one still sacrifice a Paschal Lamb since the Christian era, without blasphemous profanation of the blood of Christ? If not, why then continue to pay dimes? Hebrews demonstrates the sacrificial transition between the Two Covenants, the Two Sanctuaries, the Two Testators; Moses and Jesus Christ, to stimulate in each one a charity stripped of all sectarianism. But isn't Dime another brand of 666 ?
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Blessed Hope Publishing
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Samuel Cameroun
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Religion / Théologie
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tithe, Pentecostal, Adventist, Protestant, Christians, Persecution, Saint, 666, Man, woman, finance, HEAVEN, Salvation, rich, Poor, gift, offering, Worship, lambs, theft, thief, Church, Benefit, false, prophet Balaam, greed, donkey, pasque, blasphemy, sacrifice, immolation, gain, earn, money, gold

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