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The ten commandments of Moses, and salvation by grace in Jesus Christ

Blessed Hope Publishing (12-02-2021 )

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From the saving murmur of the first born Son of creation, frozen under a sign "King of the Jews", dying "between two criminals", and in a posture of the most humiliating: "naked!" To a conquering Moses, raised to the court of Pharaoh, appearing forty years later armed with two blocks of stones in a cloud of light, emerging from a raging mountain. 1- What a difference of the same salvation, without confusing the will of the Creator who says "to have made both similar to Himself", then "not to share his glory": since they are both , men ? 2- Is the obedience which leads to salvation clearly determined between the Law and the Faith? 3- Jesus and Moses: where is the law located, and how does faith intervene through divine grace? 4- Can Christians have received, according to the divine Covenant, a mandate to modify its structure? 5- When we know "that a will. although stopped by human disposition, cannot be altered, "what about the disposition made by God Himself? For the Bible, although containing promises by faith, nevertheless, remains a repertoire of injunctions in terms of the law!
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Blessed Hope Publishing
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Samuel Cameroun
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Religion / Théologie
48.90 €
the ten commandments of Moses, the law, Salvation, Grace, pure or unclean food, tithes, sacrifice, the lamb of YEHWEH God, the death of Jesus Christ, redemption, the blood of Christ

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