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The sign of the Beast, the ' 666 ' revealed

Blessed Hope Publishing (19-02-2021 )

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Does Apocalypse announce an evil number in the Bible? : "Let him who is understanding calculate the number of the Beast, for it is a man's number and his number is six hundred and sixty-six. When a person discovers many teachings on this and other important subjects, and receives different doctrines from their church, some conclude that they cannot understand the Bible. The truth is, they understand well, but have been taught wrong. What are the twelve points by which the Beast can still be identified? 1. She receives her power, seat and authority from the Dragon 2. Becomes a world power 3. Appears after Imperial Rome 4. Dominates for 42 prophetic months 5. Guilty of blasphemy 6. Receives a mortal wound from which she heals 7. Receives l 'worship. 8. Persecute the saints of God 9. Determine a mystical number "666" 10. Go up from the Abyss and go to its perdition 11. Receive the reign for one hour with the Beast 12. Currently establish an eighth king for a duration of 'one hour with ten others. So a single power fulfills all its characteristics, which one?
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Blessed Hope Publishing
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Samuel Cameroun
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Religion / Théologie
23.90 €
666, the number of the beast, the devil, money, the vatican, the pope, the end of the world, buy or sell, churches, satan, the marks of the beast, calculate the number of the beast, Apocalypse

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