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The Purification of the Sanctuary:

Satan and his Angels are hunt from the Heven

Blessed Hope Publishing (04-02-2021 )

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The book reveals a battle that took place in heaven between the Army of God led by Archangel Michael, opposed to the Devils army. Bible reports that this war ended with the fall of the Devil and Angels one, in a prophetic calendar that was observable in the world and geographic facts in the sky. Consecrated the authority of Archangel Michael invested with the supreme power of Christ in heaven and on earth. Thanks to several Bible verses, but especially to that of the “2300 evenings and mornings” of the prophet Daniel, God also revealed the multiple titles and functions of Jesus. From the Son of God to the Savior of mankind, Christ came down to earth as; True Man, and ascended to heaven as such. Since then, in addition to being High Priest of his Church, Jesus Christ, regaining his position as Head of the Angels, then gave back to Man, the first rank of all created beings, of all the work of God. Since this date of the purification of the sanctuary "2300 evenings and mornings" announcing "The Purification of the Sanctuary", Satan and his Angels being Cast out of Heaven ", which underlined after the fall of the Devil, the name of the Enlightenment Years dedicated to the 18th century?
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Blessed Hope Publishing
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Samuel Cameroun
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Religion / Théologie
31.90 €
Religion, Purification, Sanctuary, satan, Angels, Heven

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