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The Nonlinear Universe

Solitons, Chaos and Nonlinear Philosophy in Science, Technology, Arts, Management, Medicine and Spirituality

Scholars' Press (05-01-2016 )

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Nonlinearity has, in the past few years, silently yet steadily emerged as one of the cornerstones of science, with a diverse range of applications. While conventional literature has approached nonlinearity through mathematical equations, this book takes a different path, by essentially looking at the philosophy behind two facets of nonlinearity - solitons and chaos. Consequently, an enhanced perspective of nonlinearity is obtained, which leads to varied applications, some of the most notable results obtained in wavelet based biomedical signal processing, secure data compression, effective utilization of special mathematical functions and fractals, spatiotemporal patterns, a business strategy oriented towards holistic management, revamped understanding of solar cells and radio astronomy, a fresh chaos-fuelled interpretation and implementation of quantum physics and Theory of Everything, smart analytics, music based integrative medicine and a novel approach in uncovering the history of civilization. From here, the book explores, using the tool of Sanskrit, depths of Indian Spirituality, where nuggets of nonlinearity and cosmology are hidden, giving a time-tested view of our universe.
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Scholars' Press
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de (auteur) :
Sai Venkatesh Balasubramanian
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Générals, Encyclopédies
89.90 €
chaos, Medicine, Music Therapy, signal processing, solitons, Spirituality, Nonlinearity, Data Compression, fractals, mathematics, Wavelet, spatiotemporal patterns, Business Strategy, Philosophy, Radio Astronomy, solar cell, quantum teleportation, theory of everything, biomedical signals, history of civilization, analytics, sanskrit

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