Couverture de The Constitution of Kenya & The Changing Roles of Media
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The Constitution of Kenya & The Changing Roles of Media

Newspaper Gate Keepers Under a New Dispensation : A Case of Kenya's Media

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (24-04-2013 )

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That Kenya’s new Constitution will have a significant impact on the development of the mass media and journalism practice in Kenya is not in doubt. Unlike the old constitution which was draconian towards the media, the current constitution is not only progressive but also very categorical and explicit about the freedom of the media and its place in the modern Kenya. It crucially enshrines media freedom for the first time and scraps all provisions which have been used to muzzle the media, basic freedoms of movement, assembly and human rights. The law now specifically mentions and guarantees the freedom of mass media, implying that the media can challenge violations of freedom and independence by the state and private, community and sectarian interests of any kind. It will provide a favorable climate for attracting both local and direct foreign investment in mass communication and media sectors. This study therefore informs media gate-keepers on how to identify effective filtering systems that will enhance the enjoyment of freedom of expression, freedom of the media and access to information in line with the Constitution of Kenya and also help further research in media systems
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Wodera James Mionjia
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Médias, Communication
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Journalism, Mass Communication, New Constitution, basic freedoms of movement, assembly and access of information

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