Couverture de Artemia biomass production and its use in aquaculture in Vietnam
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Artemia biomass production and its use in aquaculture in Vietnam

Artemia biomass production in salt ponds and use as feed ingredient for aquaculture species

Scholars' Press (04-02-2013 )

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This book provides new information on various aspects of Artemia biomass in Vietnam. These studies could contribute to the optimization of Artemia production in the salt fields, leading to a better understanding of the drying methods for Artemia biomass, and to the development of applications of Artemia biomass as a feed for aquaculture species. Firstly, results illustrated that it is possible to improve the yields of Artemia biomass by proper management of primary production as natural food combined with co-supplementation of the inert foods in the culture pond (chapter 3). Secondly, results revealed that the use of a natural convective solar drier for drying Artemia biomass can be a cheap and easily adoptable method for farmers at household level, which could produce an acceptable quality of dried Artemia for use in aquafeeds (chapter 4). Finally, the potential uses of different Artemia biomass preparations as feeds in the larviculture and nursery phases of the important cultured species was investigated. All the feeding trials proved that Artemia biomass can be used either as direct feed or as ingredient in formulated feeds in aquaculture (chapter 5).
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Scholars' Press
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Ngoc Anh Nguyen Thi, Hoa Nguyen van, Patrick Sorgeloos
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Agriculture, Horticulture, Sylviculture, Pêche, Nutrition
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Culture, Application, Drying, Artemia

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