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A History of the Church of God (Anderson, IN) in Paraguay

Beginings, Growth and Establishment of the Church of God in Paraguay

VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (03-03-2009 )

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This is the story of the Church of God in Paraguay, beginning in 1974. At the turn of the century, German immigrants settled South America. It was among these German settlers that the Church of God in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay was established. Part I studies the founding of the Church of God in Brazil and Argentina. Because of the strong German influence within the Church of God in the southern cone, issues such as culture, tradition, and worldview have impacted the growth and focus of the Church in that region. Part II deals with the History of the Church of God in Paraguay. The work reveals the process of indigenization Paraguay has undergone throughout its development. The Church of God has sought ways to become culturally relevant to the diverse populations that exist within Paraguay. Also, socio-cultural and political aspects that have shaped the Church in Paraguay are analyzed. The Church in Paraguay is studied as a missionary post, as an established church and as a church in expansion. The last portion of this work assesses and envisions what the future might look like, pointing to challenges and opportunities, in light of its rich history.
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VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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Norberto Kurrle
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79.00 €
History, Church of God, Paraguay, Kurrles, Meiers, Krebs, Weidman, Missions, Gospel Trumpet, Gospel Trumpet

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