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*FRENETIC* Four Stories

Suffer then outrageous foutune

JustFiction Edition (27-03-2012 )

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“You think a man can’t give up his rights? You point a loaded rifle at me you better pull the trigger, even if it’s just to preserve your civil rights!” #### "This is crazy. Stupid… I want to laugh… Can’t stop it, can’t help it… Must get control… Mad, I’m getting mad as hell! Come on you whore bitch bear…I’ll feed you nine lead balls to take home for supper..." #### "Naked and running from trailer to trailer until an old woman was kind enough to lend me a towel her dog had been sleeping on. She was also kind enough to call the police. That part turned out all right though because I wouldn’t have gone back for my truck without them." #### "He had no business in this overheated God forsaken or God inundated land they called Holy. A promise to priest who was desperate to see to a remote flock, and probably more than any single thing a bravado born of living in a free land among a free people, so that you could go where you wanted when you wanted. Now here he sat, in a smelly dirty jail somewhere in the Gaza with blood running down his head to remind him that in this part of the world there could be a terrible price to pay for a simple errand of mercy.
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JustFiction Edition
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Michael Kahmann
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Littérature narrative
16.84 $
Humor, Gaza, short story, Courtroom drama, Bear story, Isreal

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