Couverture de “Troubling Love” by E. Ferrante: Killing Mother for Keeping Her Love
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“Troubling Love” by E. Ferrante: Killing Mother for Keeping Her Love

The Psychoanalysis of Mother-Daughter Relationship

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (13-07-2017 )

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Prof. Dr. Hayriyem Zeynep ALTAN in her research, doesn't evaluate "Troubling Love" only as an object of her scientific study but also prefers to look Elena Ferrante's story from inside by taking along the shadow of her own anxiety of being. While she is talking over the "mother-daughter relationship" which is the focus of the story, she confesses that she has been watching her own relationship with her mother from inside and from past. Although she is concerned about this connection which is formed between "The Troubling Love" and her unconscious; she emphasizes that it's the strong energy born with this interaction which created this study. "Have you ever tried to look and see your mother free from her motherhood role, as a woman who has her own authenticity?" Altan deals with this question and while she is seeking for the answer; she makes "Troubling Love" to begin an "intertextual" journey: From Marguerite Yourcenar's book named as "The Labyrinth of Earth" to the Spanish film of Iciar Bollain "Take My Eyes" and to the myth of Aiskhylos which draws a charming picture of human conflict in Ancient Greece. This well-heeled study includes psychoanalysis, semiotics and feminism.
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LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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Hayriyem Zeynep Altan
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Recherche sur la femme et le sexe
19.90 €
envy, femininity, Gender, Literature, Mother, Psychoanalysis, Semiotics, Women, Troubling Love, M. Klein, Hayriyem Zeynep Altan, Elena Ferrante

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