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Research Handbook

Fundamental Concepts of Research & Basic book for the Research Methodology & Useful for Beginners & New Researchers

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2011-11-10 )

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About the Book The Research Handbook contains, (a) Definition & Meaning of Research (b) Characteristic of Research (c) Types of Research (d) Steps of Research Process (e) Steps of Developing Research Proposal (f) How to Write, Research Paper (e) Some basic Concepts of Research like, • Research Methods • Populations and Sampling • Statistical inference • Techniques & Errors • Statistical Distribution • Confidence Intervals • Degrees of Freedom • Sampling Distribution • t-Distribution • F-Distribution • Critical Ratio • Significance Level • Standard Error of Mean • Hypotheses & Testing • One-tailed and Two-tailed Test • Chi-square Test • ANOVA • ANCOVA • Reliability and validity of the test • Factor Analysis • Format of Research Report • Canonical Analysis • Cluster Analysis • Descriminant Analysis • Multi Variate Analysis • Path Analysis • Profile Analysis • MTMM • Single Subject Research • Triangulation The book clearly explains the basic concepts of research. This book is quite useful to research students & college teachers entring the threshhold of research. It will also be instructive to those who are curious to acquire correct understanding of the basic concepts of research.
LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
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R. S. Patel
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La investigación social estructural
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Definition & Meaning of Research, Characteristic of Research, Types of Research, Steps of Research Process, Steps of Developing Research Proposal, How to Write, Research Paper, research methods, Populations and Sampling, Statistical Inference, Techniques & Errors, Statistical Distribution, Degrees of Freedom, Sampling Distribution, t-Distribution, F-Distribution, Critical Ratio, Standard Error of Mean, Hypotheses & Testing, One-tailed and Two-tailed Test, ANOVA, ANCOVA, Reliability and validity of the test, Factor Analysis, Format of Research Report, Canonical Analysis, Descriminant Analysis, multivariate analysis, Profile Analysis, MTMM, Single Subject Research, confidence intervals, Significance level, Chi-Square Test, Cluster Analysis, path analysis, triangulation, Research methods, Statistical Distributions, sampling distributions, Critical Rationalism, Hypotheses testing, anova, Factor analysis, Multivariate Analysis, Single-Subject Research, chi-square tests

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