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Omni badge Unemployment and Labor Market Rigidities

Theory, Empirical Evidence and Recent Labor Market Reforms


AV Akademikerverlag (2012-05-28) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-41913-9

42.00 €
Omni badge Globalization and Labor Market Outcomes

Applying Schumpeterian Growth Models

National economy

Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften (2012-04-03) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8381-3254-9

69.90 €
Omni badge A Multi-Pronged Approach to Labor Market Flexibility: The Turkish Case

The Flexibility Indicators of Labor Cost and Production Function Within the Context of Turkish Labor Market


LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2010-02-23) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8383-4792-9

59.00 €
Omni badge Secondary Labor Market

Tertiary Sector of the Economy, Neoclassical Economics


TurbsPublishing (2011-10-13) - ISBN-13: 978-613-7-90847-1

34.00 €
Omni badge Split Labor Market Theory

Socioeconomics, Theory, Edna, Bonacich, Racial, Ethnic, Tension

General Humanities

VerPublishing (2011-09-28) - ISBN-13: 978-613-8-60057-2

29.00 €
Omni badge The modeling of some internal processes on a stock market

The Agent-Based Model of the Closed Market of the One Commodity with Finite Automata as Participants of the Market

Money, Bank, Stock exchange

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2017-01-05) - ISBN-13: 978-3-330-01482-4

26.90 €
Omni badge Employment protection and the labor market

An alternative view


VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (2010-04-16) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-25021-3

49.00 €
Omni badge Frictions in the Labor Market

The Case of France

National economy

AV Akademikerverlag (2015-02-11) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-48605-6

28.90 €
Omni badge Early Stage Market Modeling

Using Theoretical Perspectives


AV Akademikerverlag (2012-05-23) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-41664-0

59.00 €
Omni badge The U.S. Electricity Sector Labor Market

Employment and Earnings Trends During a Period of Regulatory Reform

Individual braches, Branches

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2011-01-12) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8433-9223-5

49.00 €
Omni badge Labor Market Dynamics in Bangladesh

Estimation of Phillips Curve and Analysis of Wage Inequality


LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing (2010-12-16) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8433-8525-1

49.00 €
Omni badge Transitions on the Labor Market

Unemployment, Transfer Receipt and the Low-Wage-Sector

National economy

VDM Verlag Dr. MŸller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG (2008-03-17) - ISBN-13: 978-3-8364-7794-9

59.00 €
Omni badge Ageing in the European Labor Market

The impact of Dependency Rates on Domestic Savings


VDM Verlag Dr. Müller (2009-12-03) - ISBN-13: 978-3-639-07718-6

49.00 €


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